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Markov’s Aquatics Swimming Club – The Best in Aquatic Sports!

The main goal of Markov’s Aquatics Swimming Club is to provide mental and physical health for children and adults through water activities.

The club offers aquatic programs for any age and level. The programs have their competitive and recreational character. The club also offers most of the Canadian Red Cross and NLS aquatic programs - Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, etc.

Markov’s Aquatics Swimming Club is official member of Swim Ontario, Masters Swim Ontario, and Swimming Natation Canada.

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*Markov Aquatics is looking for talented children for the sport of Swimming.

Some conditions apply.

  1. We offer comprehensive swimming programs for any age & level
  2. Our programs lead to national level and beyond
  3. Our swimmers are mentally and physically prepared to swim fast
  4. We provide stellar coaching
  5. We have a Canadian master champion
  6. Our swimmers are consistently ranked in the top 50 in Canada