Adult Programs

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Adults Learn To Swim – swimming program designed for adult beginners, which teaches them all swimming strokes and techniques.

Master Swim – an excellent class for those fervent fans of the sport of Swimming who would like to keep themselves in top swimming shape.

In Canada, anyone 20 years of age or older, with no upper age limit , can participate in Masters Swimming, There are more than 6000 Masters Swimmers in Canada with more than 2100 in Ontario.

Competitive Water Polo - an all year around swimming program starting mid September and finishing end of July. Swimming practices are held 3 times weekly. Entry level requires non-stop swimming of 25yd front crawl.

Triathlon Swimming Preparation A To Z - whether you are looking to improve or start from the very beginning your preparation for the sport of Triathlon we have a program for you. Practices are held 3 times weekly and are 90min long.

Aqua Fit – a class in the pool set to music. This in an active class where cardiovascular conditioning occurs in conjunction with muscle toning by using the resistance of the water. An excellent program for people with post-injuries or those who are experiencing back problems, strained ligaments and tissues, arthritis or osteoporosis.

Fit Female - a three month exercise program for an active woman. The program includes elements of Aquafit, Stroke Improvement, Pure Swimming, and Dry-land Resistance Training.

Dry-Land Physical Fitness - all programs are accompanied by carefully selected physical exercises.

Private & Semi-Private Swimming – these swimming sessions are scheduled at your convenience. They could be provided either at our swimming facilities or at your own swimming pool.