3 Level Competitive Swimming

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A three level swimming program, designed for swimmers who manifest desire to pursue a competitive swimming career. The program begins in mid September and finishes at the end of July. The program includes three swimming camps – Christmas break, March break, and during the month of July.

Level 1 – swimming trainings are held 3 times per week and are 60min long.

The main focus of this level is the creation and the development of the fundamentals of the three swimming styles: front crawl, back crawl, and breast stroke.

Level 2 – reinforces, refines, and enriches the knowledge and the swimming performance of the swimmer. Swimmer is introduced to Butterfly swimming style and to additional swimming techniques: starts, turns, body aliment, distance per stroke, and more.

Level 3 – is devoted to high competitive swimming performance. Athletes admitted to this level have specific swimming goals to achieve: group A, provincial, and national time standards.

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