Aquatic Training for All Ages

M.A.S.C. offers aquatic programs for any age and level.

The programs have their competitive and recreational character.

Novice Pre-competitive Swimming Program overlaps basic swimming preparation in Back crawl, Breast stroke, and Front crawl. Duration of the swimming sessions varies between 30 to 60 min – depends on age and swimming abilities

Competitive Swimming Program is based on the preparation of the child for advanced competitive swimming. Thoroughly selected drills and precise instructions are tailored to the specific needs of every swimmer. Swimming trainings per week are as frequent as the needs of the competitive swimmer are.

The cost for the swimming program depends on the level of training and number of swimming trainings per week.

For Youth and Adults

Check out our Youth and Adult aquatic programs. All of them have different designations, yet have something in common. They create qualities like self discipline, self-esteem, time management, and teach children to value teamwork and sportsmanship.

Although, programs are taught seriously this does not mean your child can’t have fun along the way. Coaches provide positive recognition for improvement and effort as well as encourage children to learn more, remember more, and want to learn more. Every swimmer is individually approached and provided with a wide range of valuable experiences that reach far beyond the pool.

All swimming programs are based on the most current and documented research.

Our Services also include advanced nutritional information for you and your sport, a variety of massage therapies, water and dry-land resistance training specifically designed for you or your sport.

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